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The role of the IT Manager is to understand the processes, to detect the company's information requirements, to plan and implement solutions that can enable to meet such requirements, with the purpose to improve the flow of information, the work's quality and organization, and last but not least, the company's profitability.

For many small-medium sized companies it is not convenient to organize an internal, high standard IT structure.  

However, the widespread use of informatics for the business' management and development put more and more frequently a company in front of the necessity to make investments in this field. The planning of these investments requires specific abilities and experience.

To ask for support and assistance only  to the traditional vendors can in many cases turn out to be risky for the success of the project, both from the point of view of the competences (not always the technical preparation is accompanied by planning  and managerial capability), and for the frequent tendency to maximize the entity of the interventions.

Gestinfo has the technical, managerial and strategic experience necessary to ensure clients a high level support for a fraction of the cost needed to hire and pay an internal IT Manager.

Accepting  the assignment to manage the ICT of his own Customer, Gestinfo becomes "part of the group", thereafter working in the prevailing interest of the Customer.

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